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1. Subject to ITAR and Export Administration Regulations.

2. Critical Program Information (Designated as Critical Program Information in accordance with DoD Instruction 5200.39, Critical Program Information Protection Within the Department of Defense).

3. Designated for withholding from public release under DoD Directive 5400.07, DoD Freedom of Information Act Program.

4. Bearing current and prior designations indicating controlled access and dissemination (e.g., For Official Use Only, Sensitive But Unclassified, Limited Distribution, Proprietary, Originator Controlled, Law Enforcement Sensitive).

5. Technical data, computer software, and any other technical information covered by DoD Directive 5230.24, Distribution Statements on Technical Documents, and DoD Directive 5230.25, Withholding of Unclassified Technical Data from Public Disclosure.

6. Personally identifiable information protected under existing federal law (e.g., HIPAA).​

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